In May 1973, Howard Hunt admitted his involvement in the Ellsberg break-in, using CIA equipment. Rob Roy Ratliff, the CIA liaison to the National Security Council, visited the home of CIA director James Schlesinger and revealed that his White House office had been used by Hunt to pass sealed envelopes to the Agency in the year before the Watergate break-in. One of the envelopes was addressed to the CIA's chief psychiatrist and contained sexual gossip on Ellsberg, and a colleague was "shocked and bewildered by the things that Hunt told him he was doing" at the White House. 
Ratliff later wrote an affidavit on the incident for the CIA's Inspector General. While a redacted copy appears in Jim Hougan's book Secret Agenda, the unredacted document is published below for the first time. It includes the handwritten notation "We were also aware that Hunt passed 'gossip' items to Mr. Helms."
In the mid-nineties, the CIA declassified three sealed envelopes, two cover notes and two memos sent by Howard Hunt and Gordon Liddy through the CIA liaison at the White House to Dr. Bernard Malloy, the chief psychiatrist at CIA. The envelopes are date-stamped 13 August, 12 October and 1 November 1971 and the notes and memos all refer to the psychological profile Malloy was preparing on Daniel Ellsberg. The package of documents below includes two memos from Liddy reporting on Ellsberg's sex life. 
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